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ART show

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to attend an art exhibit featuring the super talented artist Denyse Thomasos. To make it even better, my sister had the unique opportunity to assist the artist by volunteering her artistic talents along with some of her academic peers by helping to paint a section of the installation. Very proud of my super talented sister and all the great artists she gets to work with!

Christine of Epiphany

Christine of Epiphany

Halloween Mask

This would make for some awesome Halloween attire don't you think?

Halloween Inspired

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What I like...

If it makes you happy...

my find at the CNE

fabric to love from here

a metal deer head I have yet to mount from here

another score from HomeSense!

and my favourite candles from here

what's been making you happy lately?

Ellie Somerville: Studio Space

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