Summer Style

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Summer Camping

what I was up to this past weekend...

How have you been spending your summer?

Outdoor Spaces

Here are two great outdoor spaces...

Before & After

my $5 lantern from HomeSense

and the after

ugly owl

and now after, looking over the garden

More Favourites...

Favourites around my place...

faux coral

Inspired by this post I tried my hand at making my own faux coral and here is the result...

this plastic coral is actually from the Aquarium section at Walmart!

I just spray painted it  and even let a little of the paint chip 
for a more realistic effect

a cool tip to make it look more three dimensional, is to put grey spray primer underneath 
and then spray over that with a lighter colour

and voila!

$5 Tray $5 Ring

Two of my newest purchases

Inspired Work Space

I could definitely get used to working here...

all images via The Glamourai

Chic Outdoor Entertaining

I fell in love with this entire setup...

images via style at home